Culinary -
PLAY Seaport Tel Aviv

These days, breakfasts are held at Café Levowski (no kosher) located near the hotel.

"Welcome to Alice in Wonderland"
Mr. Fantastic - AKA the human rabbit - will smile at you and immediately take you on a journey to his dark den. At the end of the ride, you will ask yourself - was all this real?
Fantastic is a world that does not exist. Fantasy and reality do not mix, because reality here fades away.
You will feel it as soon as you arrive.
Everything you thought you knew about place, time, and yourself will disappear in minutes.
In their place, crazy cocktails will serve up in ceramic shoes, waitresses will serve up trays of edible rabbit ears and other works of art on your table.
Escapism? Oh yes.
Walk on the edge in the Ballroom: an intimate restaurant, which showcases a dense and exciting collection of art pieces – you won’t know where to look first.
At the end of the hall, the bar awaits you. Here you’ll be served drinks that you already know, but we recommend trying others, such as the Scorpion Raw Chaser, Bourbon cocktail, bee dung and wheat grass, or a gin and ants' appetizer.
The question is, do you have what it takes?
The Tea Room is totally different story. Sweeter and calmer.
Enter an elegant and romantic space, and an enchanted forest where thick vegetation stretching from the ceiling to the tip of your nose. And amidst this magical background – meticulously crafted, incredibly delicious dishes.