Local Experience

The Levontin neighborhood, also known as the 'Electricity Neighborhood,' genuinely embodies the heart of Tel Aviv's lively culture.
From arty cafes to funky galleries, from mesmerizing displays of street art to trendy boutique shops, Lavontin is a playground where underground grunge, meticulous chic -  and you'll be surprised - even supremely Zionist heritage, live happily.


How it all began?

The Levontin neighborhood was established in the 1920s by wealthy Jews.
How do we know? It is enough to look up and feast your eyes on this magnificent fusion of Art Deco and Art Nouveau architecture.
Traders, importers, doctors, and entrepreneurs came here. It's where the first power station in Tel Aviv was built, the post office, and lots of shops and offices around. The neighborhood quickly became a bustling hub of activity and growth.
While we skip gracefully over several decades of dubious neglect, nowadays, the neighborhood is the ultimate haven for free-spirited and authentic souls.


What awaits you here?

Creativity will surround you as you wander the streets like a warm embrace. Levontin is a graffiti wonderland where self-expression reigns supreme while historical gems, eclectic architecture, and charming alleys will leave you enchanted.
The food scene in the Levontin neighborhood is definitely worth exploring.
There's something for everyone, from vegan restaurants to famous pizzerias, great bars, retro cafes, artisanal eateries, hummus, sushi, ice cream, and cuisines worldwide.
But don't leave when the sun sets because Levontine transforms into a party paradise at night!
Wine and cocktail bars, underground clubs (Labontin 7 - - what else?) with live performances every night, lively restaurants, and even a visit to Gan Hasharon (lit and relaxed, it must be said) will complete a satisfying wild round of night entertainment.
A stroll through the Levontin neighborhood would not be complete if you did not buy something for yourself.
From vintage treasures to avant-garde boutiques, unique concept stores, and artistic galleries, Levontin's got it all.


What's going on in the area?

Once you manage to leave the Levontin neighborhood, some fantastic local experiences are waiting for you.
Let's start with Rothschild Boulevard, a well-known Tel Aviv landmark stretching from Ha'Bima Square to the sea (almost).
This bustling main street has witnessed countless momentous occasions, from the state's founding to the recent protest camps. This destination is beloved by locals and tourists who enjoy walking on its sidewalks and experiencing its rich history and lively presence.
The Levontin area is close to the charming neighborhoods of Florentin, Nachalat Binyamin, and Neve Tzedek. These neighborhoods are packed with unique boutiques, galleries, and stunning alleyways that blend old and new styles. The area is full of character and offers an exciting urban atmosphere to explore.
Tel Aviv boasts numerous markets, and – gladly - one of the most worthwhile can be found right here.
Levinsky Market offers an authentic and joyful Israeli Mediterranean atmosphere, Balkan flavors, spice blends, and a leisurely pace that keeps devoted fans returning for more.
Also, let's not forget about the sea. It's only a 6-minute bike ride away or a 15-minute walk to get to the beach. If you head north, you'll come across Jerusalem Beach, Aviv Beach, Trumpeldor Beach, and Bugarshov Beach. If you keep going further north, you'll eventually hit the port. And if you prefer the south, Jaffa and the old city are just a short drive away, taking you to a whole new world.